British EYFS Curriculum

We closely follow the English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum, ensuring your child experiences the same quality of care and education they would receive at a nursery school in the UK. Your children will assure you that "all they do is play" but behind the scenes there is a tremendous amount of planning, tracking and targeted guidance to ensure they are consistently challenged and extended.

The key "Acorn difference" you will notice as parents are:

CREATIVITY: Our teaching encourages creativity and imagination in the children. There is no rote learning or boring worksheets!

INDEPENDENCE: Learning to feed yourself, dress yourself, make decisions, tidy up after yourself: these are essential life skills learnt at nursery.

HANDS-ON LEARNING: Students are encouraged to become actively engaged through doing, building, tasting, making, feeling and contributing to the class learning.

PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT: Parents are regularly invited in to the nursery to participate in and celebrate their children's learning.

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